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So Frost seems to be loosely weaving factual events into an original narrative/connection.  The more I read the Secret History the more I am compelled to investigate some of the events and claims therein.  I am surprised at just how many references are entirely true events. 

I live a bit north of Seattle.  I'm starting to get it into my head to travel down to Tacoma and sniff out the microfiche for the old Tacoma Tribune (from memory here, but I'll double check the title of the periodicals) and continue parsing the fact from the Frostian intertwining. 

Helluva show.  God damn. 

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I am halfway through the book, and finding the same thing.  I actually host a podcast that covers strange topics like UFOs, giants, etc. and I have been blown away by the number of those topics that are popping up in Secret History.  Thus far, each one that I look into from the book pans out as mostly fact.  For a person fascinated with TP and with the weird around us, it's kind of a dream come true 🙂  I would LOVE to know what you find in the Tacoma microfiche.  I live in Missoula, which is referenced quite a bit as well, and I am starting to dig into some of the topics.

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Let me preface this with a caveat...

I know nothing of their interaction or screenwriting process, but I have my hunches on the way things have transpired.  At to be clear on this all of my presumptions could be 180 degrees from reality.

Having said that:

1. I believe Lynch is throwing abstract concepts at the viewer with no concern for their understanding, resolution or linear presentation.  If you just watch his movies (other than Dune and some of Mulholland Drive) this seems to be an accurate statement.

2. I believe Frost is working with these concepts and trying to provide vague explanations (as minimal as they are) along with trying to be responsible to the viewer for linear representations of a coherent story.  Just look at his body of work for evidence of this assessment.

Between the 2 of them we are presented wth Twin Peaks in it's various forms.  One can't exist without the other...but a lot more form and clarity would be an improvement for me (maybe not anyone else.)  You can take strange concepts, twisted realities and jumping around on timelines to weave together an amazingly beautiful story, just watch Donnie Darko.

After 25 years, they certainly owe their fans a lot more than unfinished concepts that can be manipulated to fit into anyones theoretical resolution.

Does U2 just drop off the end of a song and ask the listener to finish it for them?

I might be a little bit pissed off still, it's only been 1 month and 5 days now.



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If you look at Frosts books, he has a semi broad subject of things he writes about, including sci fi fantasy and historicals. It's not at all surprising that he would add history into TSHOTP. Plus it gives it some "street cred" and make it that much more engaging to the reader.

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I found the interweaving of actual history in the book to make a really interesting parallel with the end of the show: questioning what is real and what isn't, what is narrative truth versus invention, is something that definitely comes into play with both of them (although TPTR is involving truth vs. invention from the internal perspective of Cooper at the end).

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