Ray Wise doing the Leland Shuffle at the 2011 Twin Peaks Fest

Ray Wise Doing The Leland Shuffle (Video)

When Sheryl Lee asked surprise guest at the Twin Peaks Fest 2011, Ray Wise, if he had a little dance in him, the man who played Laura Palmer's mourning dad got up and did The Leland Shuffle in front of all the attendees. Classic!
White Collar

Watch White Collar Starring Mädchen Amick

I previously told you about the White Collar episodes starring Mädchen Amick and Dana Ashbrook. Well, the one starring the beautiful actress that portrayed waitress Shelly Johnson in Twin Peaks, is now available on Hulu.
Pursued by Bear wine by Kyle MacLachlan

Kyle MacLachlan’s Pursued By Bear 2007 Is Here

The 2007 Bear is here, writes Kyle MacLachlan. With these words, the actor and winemaker announces the release of his latest ...pursued by bear vintage, which has been bottled for a year and a half and will continue to improve.
Grace Zabriskie

Grace Zabriskie On Working With David Lynch

In anticipation of the Big Love series finale, the Boston Phoenix spoke with Grace Zabriskie. Referring to her as Lynch's lady, they asked the actress how she learned to play hysterical characters.